NTN Registration in Pakistan

National Tax Number (NTN) is a very important document, without NTN number, no businessman can run his office properly. FBR office provides services for NTN Registration in Pakistan.

Furthermore, it is stated that, every business individual, Company, firm, even, salaried individual needs to register NTN and file annually tax return to become tax filer in Pakistan.

Followings are the requirements for NTN registration in Pakistan

For Business Individual or Sole proprietorship:
✓   CNIC
✓   Rent Agreement
✓   Copy of latest Electric bill
✓   email and Mobile etc.. for registration.

For Firm and Companies:
✓   Registration certificate
✓   Proof of office address
✓   CNIC copies of partners / directors
✓   Copy of latest Electric bill
✓   email and Mobile etc.

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