Import and Export License Registration in Pakistan

We provide consultancy for registration of your Import and Export Licence / Documents which helps for Import & Export:-

If you want to start your import and export business, you must apply documents which are necessary for Import and Export License Registration in Pakistan. In Pakistan, we can use the mediums for import and export like Air Cargo, Shipping line and courier services.

Import and Export business is much better than the other business in Pakistan, number of people are doing this business, especially import from China and other countries and export to European and other countries.

By the Export business, our country’s foreign reserves increased, while on other hand, our 90% industry has been shut down, due to number of reasons, like electricity problem as well as dollar rate, which has been crossed Rs. 100/Dollar and our Export and Import gap is increasing which is not a good sign.

We further provide the following services:-
01)   NTN Registration / National Tax Number
02)   Sales Tax Registration / GST Registration
03)   Registration of Partnership Firm
04)   Private Limited company Registration
05)   Firm Registration
06)   Chamber of Commerce Registration
07)   Sales Tax Return (E-filling)
08)   WeBoc Registration
09)   Income Tax Return E-filling & manual
10)   Book-keeping Accounting Maintenance, Audit
11)   NGO, Trade Mark, Trust, Society
12)   Pharmacy Registration
13)   PEC Registration