Software House Registration In Pakistan

Software development is a growing industry in Pakistan since couple od decades, Pakistan is producing number of IT specialists, software engineers and web developers every years.

Most of IT experts / software engineers prefers to start their own business or software house and could be able to work independently and earn from their own skills and resources, however they do not know about Software House Registration Pakistan, due to lack of knowledge about the corporate governance, they are unable to start their own business.

The income of software houses is properly acknowledge in Pakistan and Government of Pakistan took great measure for the development of Information Technology. Our Government should take necessary steps to take quota from the developed countries like Indian software company. IT sector provides a lot of job opportunity in Pakistan. Internet facility in Pakistan is very expensive, it should be cheap as compare to rest of the world.

Tax Exemption Facility On Software House

Furthermore, the income generated by a Software house in Pakistan is 100% exempt from tax, but it should be come from abroad through legal banking channels and reflects in your business bank account, this exemption is available now till June 30th, 2019.

However, companies must be registered with company registration office, state bank of Pakistan and it is compulsory to file annual income tax return as specified by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

Therefore, If you are planning to start your IT business, you need first Software House Registration Pakistan and then start your business legally, PSEB is also provide membership for Software Houses in Pakistan.

We are providing software house registration in Pakistan as well as following IT company registrations.

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04)   Networking company
05)   Graphic Designing Company
06)   Web Designing company
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